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Pro Business

As a small business owner in the manufacturing business for 20 years, I understand the challenges facing Illinois employers. 

I am responsible for the livelihood of more than 15 families.  During tough times when payroll must be met, I am the first one to do without.  I understand how important my employees are to my success.  I recently bought a business and moved it to Illinois from Missouri. I did this because I am committed to putting people back to work in Illinois. 

As citizens of Illinois, as investors, as risk-takers, we deserve to be able to compete with neighboring states. We deserve to be able to compete on a level playing field with fair business taxes, fees and regulations.  We must rebuild our state economy and restore competitiveness with policies that expand economic freedom and put more people back to work.

Pro Family

I believe that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman.

I also believe the corruption in Illinois government has brought about a terrible economic injustice to our families. The tremendous burden of taxes on our Illinois families – income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and fees – prevents us from saving for college education, from giving to our churches and favorite charities and from investing in our dreams.

The results of the fiscal irresponsibility of the past eight years are now being felt first hand by the families of Illinois.  I am committed to defending families and their right to live and prosper in Illinois.

Pro Life

Life begins at conception and I am convinced that God has a wonderful plan for every life.

Senator McCarter is endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Right to Life.

Pro Gun

The Second Amendment should be protected.  Illinois should join 48 other states and make concealed carry the law of the land.

Senator McCarter is endorsed by the Illinois State Rifle Association.

Real Budget Solutions

We must focus on cutting waste, fraud and abuse in government before we cut vital programs like education and human services. We must reduce spending in order to live within our means, just like our families and businesses are required to do.  For too long, state government has over-promised and over-spent and today the debt crisis has become a burden that will impact our children and grand children.  We need to get spending in line with tax revenues before this crisis becomes unmanageable and that will require a 10% spending cut from top to bottom.

I sponsored Senate Resolution 763 this year which calls for a forensic audit that could identify as much as $6 billion in wasteful spending.  It won’t be a cheap option, but we expect to receive $10 for every $1 spent on this audit. This makes financial and practical sense.

We also need to reform Medicaid with managed care policies that could save as much as $1.5 billion.

Workers’ Compensation reforms will help to reduce the cost of doing business in Illinois by as much as 1% of wages paid.  This is the first step to increasing business competitiveness and producing thousands of new jobs.

A lot has been said about the financial crisis facing Illinois government.  Unfortunately little has been done to actually solve the problem.  Growing our economy and expanding opportunities for new jobs is the most respectful and dependable revenue source the state of Illinois can look to provide much needed revenue.

A balanced budget and the restoration of fiscal responsibility are possible in Illinois without a tax increase.

Other endorsements:  Associated Firefighters of Illinois


I currently serve on the Senate Education Committee and am passionately committed to educating our children and equipping them for the future.  My wife is a certified elementary school teacher who has experience teaching in some of the most challenging environments in Illinois.  Both of my sons have obtained public school educations which have prepared them for success.  My youngest son is presently a sophomore at Oral Roberts University while my oldest son recently graduated from the United States Air Force Academy.  As a family we value education and the teachers who make a difference in the lives of our students each and every day.

As I travel the 51st district, I meet with many educators who are supportive of my campaign for State Senate.  In fact, for my stance on education I have received the support of the Retired Teachers’ Association and the Statewide School Management Alliance PAC.  People understand that our state has been mismanaged for years, and that wasteful spending has brought about the current budget crisis in Illinois.  I believe that state government must live within its means and never spend more than it takes in.  It is imperative that we cut waste before cutting funding to our schools.  We must work to reprioritize our spending to make sure that education is a top priority and that no child is trapped in a failing school. 

Since taking over for Frank Watson last year I have supported or sponsored legislation that would:

  • (HB 4711) Put an end to unfunded mandates on our schools.  It’s not fair to place new burdens on our schools with no way to pay for them.

  • (SB 2494) Allow students in the lowest 10% of failing schools to have an opportunity to attend a school where they can actually learn and obtain a diploma.  It is unconscionable to not allow these students the opportunity to be successful.

  • (SR 763) Call for a forensic audit to root out corruption and waste in state government.  We must pay our bills and eliminate wasteful spending so that we can honor our commitments to education.

  • (SB 1946) Restructure our state pension system for new hires only, so that we can protect the integrity of the pension system while ensuring that retired teachers receive what was promised to them.  If we had not passed these reforms, benefits would not have been paid to retirees in the year 2023.  This legislation was not perfect, but it was the responsible thing to do.

  • (SB 3280) Give control of the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) board back to the teachers.  I believe that since it’s the teachers’ money they should be allowed to control their own investments.  Unfortunately, this legislation was not given a hearing by the Democratic leadership in Springfield.  The days of using teachers’ pensions to balance the budget must come to an end.

I have made education a top priority in Springfield.  I will keep fighting so that all of our children can get a world class education right here in Illinois.  We must live up to our responsibilities and pay our schools on time so that they have the resources to prepare our children for a successful future.



-Kyle McCarter

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